About Us

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Prism Parfums’ vision is to lead exciting and innovative fragrance development through it’s growing global consumer audience.

Capitalising on strong manufacturing capabilities and its global distributor relationships ,Prism brands are now sold in all sectors of the fragrance market globally - including traditional retail, duty free, travel retail and e commerce.

From its inception in 2014, Prism Parfums entered the fine fragrance category, by revitalising several classic fragrance brands and then successfully reintroducing them to a global audience. Today Prism creates new fragrances, designs new brands and enters partnership and licences with other global retail equities.

Our commitment and passion in providing the best the consumer products is a cornerstone of our philosophy of delivering excellence in all we do. We invite you to experience our love of quality of innovation through our portfolio of fragrance. It is these qualities that underpin Prism Parfums as a responsive innovative fragrance player, who looks forward to the future - whilst respecting the past.

Listening to our customers and working closely alongside our partners - allows us to successfully engage with consumers, brands and organisations across a variety of market sectors. We see a bright future in the continuation of our journey and the fulfilment of our philosophy of delighting the consumer.